Ear Candy!

When I say you guys can not get enough of my diamond studs, I truly mean it. I wasn't so sure that these would sell and boy they have taken off.

And when I say they have taken off, they quiet literally have taken off and flown around the world. These cuties are generating their own fan base. And I could be more grateful.

Originally I made these just for me, but how could I keep them for myself! And with all that I make and sell, everything is made to order meaning that every item is unique to you. Its like having a bespoke item of jewellery without the appointments. You are all special and so is jewellery. I want you to feel special, because you are. And I want every item of jewellery to also be special.

Have you purchased these earrings? I'd love to see a picture of you wearing them and styling them. Rx

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