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My Sustainability and eco promise (policy)

As a Brand and as independent business I believe its important to be as eco aware and sustainable as I can be. As I say, I want to bring you luxury that doesn't cost the Earth. There can be difficulties within the industry to be able to trace everything so this is my promise to you.

  • I only use post consumer and closed loop recycled golds. At present I am unable to purchased recycled platinum or palladium. If you request a commission in platinum or palladium, where possible I will encourage the use of recycled materials. The two companies I work with to get my metal from I have used for over 10 years and have assured their customers that all products are responsibly sourced. The min factors for recycled gold over mining is the environmental damage and chemicals used in gold mining. The CO2 emission from recycled gold compared to freshly mined gold are hugely different, 100's of times less in recycled gold compared to fresh mined. Which is why I use recycled over Fairtrade or fair mined golds.

  • I only make to order or very small one off production to limit the amount of valuable resources being used and sat in stock boxes. This also reduces waste. The raw materials are only sourced as and when needed, with a few exceptions to stones. Working this way also means every item of jewellery is purposeful, and only ever came into being because of that purpose. 

  • I only purchase my diamonds, sapphires and other stones from a small number of suppliers that I have used for at least the past 6 years and completely trust as individuals and businesses. These individuals and business have assured me that all their items have been responsibly sourced. I also use recycled diamonds, Ocean diamonds which involve no mining or Canadian diamonds.

  • As of January 2020 I no longer offer gold plating or gold vermeil as a finish on my products. This is due to the nasty chemicals which are involved in the process and due to the gold that is simply lost from wear. Therefore resulting in gold plating and gold vermeil being a wasteful product. 

  • All chemicals in the workshop, such as pickling solution have been replaced with natural alternatives to help reduce impact on our environment. I also no longer offer a high polish finish as this requires compounds which can be harmful to my lungs and to the environment. 

  • All packing materials (this includes jewellery boxes, postal boxes, business cards, tissue paper, parcel tape and envelopes) are made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled. and/or composted. My ring pots are Sturdy and sustainable jars made completely out of Kraft paperboard and lined with a plant-based polymer. This is because they are design for cosmetics and to contain natural oils. But they make the perfect ring boxes where I have failed to find 100% eco jewellery packaging. My linen bags can be reused and composted and will break dwn over time.

  • As a Business and an individual I do not use a vehicle day to day. I actually do not own a car. I walk the 45 minutes to the workshop (sometimes run) and on the odd occasion us public transport.

  • I’m currently working on reducing the amount of waste produced in the workshop. A large number of my suppliers now use recyclable packaging and will continue to improve this area of the business.

I want your item of Rebekah Ann Jewellery to have as little environmental impact as it possibly can. I want to bring you luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth both in the environmental and in monetary sense.

If you have any suggestions please do feel free to contact me.


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