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For a while now, I've been asking myself the question, what does the industry do with damaged and broken stones that aren't viable to be re-cut? Do they get binned, sit in draws for years with no one knowing what to do with them? And it got me thinking, lots of these stones are still beautiful even with these flaws and damage, and who is to say they can't be beautiful items of jewellery! And so this was the start of my idea. To re-imagine what we see as beautiful in jewellery.

Beautiful imperfect by eco jeweller rebekah ann jewellery.jpeg

Perfectly imperfect

With this new jewellery concept there's also strong connections to Japanese aesthetics Wabi Sabi, finding and accepting the beauty in the imperfect and incomplete. It's also influenced by Kintsugi with the damage actually making the pottery even more beauty. What if the beauty of the jewellery and the stones comes from these imperfections and damages, making truly perfectly imperfect jewellery to be treasured.

With suppliers and refining companies on board with my vision, i'm excited to have the wheels in motion for

Beauty in the Broken (working title)

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