Rebekah Ann the eco conscious goldsmith

Eco Aware Jewellery.

Passionate about what I do.

Jewellery, its a love affair.

Rebekah Ann

I feel blessed and honoured to call this my business, my work and my living and love every single aspect of having my business.

I've been making jewellery for over 16 years now, after joining an evening class and going on to study Jewellery and Silversmithing at the CASS in London. Since then i've been lucky enough to have been employed by two ward winning jewellery designers. I also have extensive repair knowledge from my time working for a large repairs company on the South Coast of England, and have a eye for detail. 

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Photographed with Palomita Jewellery owner, Francesca

Photography by Alun Callender

My jewellery marries the stylish & eco conscious.


Are you looking for elegant, timeless, minimal jewellery  that will stand the test of time while also being sustainable and made in an eco conscious way? Stop what you doing as you may have found your girl!


I'm Rebekah the proud owner and creator of Rebekah Ann Jewellery. The jewellery brand for the stylish eco conscious among us. I believe in luxury that is none compromising and that doesn't cost the Earth.


I want to show you that being eco aware, sustainable and using recycled materials does not mean compromising on style. 


Lovingly hand made to order by me in my workshop in Brighton, on the South East of England you know your new item of jewellery only ever came into being because you ordered it. This stops valuable natural resources being used and sat in stock boxes.


Everything is made from recycled materials, including the gold itself, and set with responsible sourced diamonds and sapphires. My jewellery is an investment for you and future generations to come. 


My designs have been carefully and lovingly curated to capture the beauty of the raw materials with our environment playing a key rule. With a strong belief in building a quality capsule jewellery collection.


I love working with customers not only to create my signature pieces but also creating bespoke items within the house style. I also welcome and in fact love working with your current family heirlooms to bring new life to jewellery which otherwise may not be worn. 


I work with customers from all round the world using e-mails and video appointments to help bring your jewellery dreams to reality.


If you'd like to learn more please do get in touch. 


Sending love and positivity 


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