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Purposeful – Sustainable – Eco conscious jewellery

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Photographed with Palomita Jewellery owner, Francesca

Photography by Alun Callender

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Every item of Rebekah Ann jewellery is considered, not only for its design, but for its purpose. Lovingly and carefully handmade to order using the most eco conscious and sustainable processes and materials. Before I’ve even begun to make your jewellery you already have its purpose in mind, its only come into being for that very purpose. It’s considered, its thoughtful, it was ever only made for you.

I have built Rebekah Ann Jewellery around and combining my love for ancient jewellery, the memories jewellery evoke and my belief in making as many changes as we can to lead a more ECO conscious, ECO aware and sustainable lifestyle. I believe in luxury that is non compromising and that doesn't cost the Earth. I want to show that being eco conscious, sustainable and using recycled materials to make my eco aware jewellery does not mean compromising on style. 

Its not only the jewellery itself that is considered, this continues on with the packaging and business practices. From the compostable boxes, bags and tissue paper to plannable paper, to the seedballs full of wild flower seeds to support our local wildlife. To planting trees monthly to combat CO2 emissions, removing chemicals from the workshop and even walking to the workshop. 

My designs have been carefully and lovingly curated to capture the beauty of the raw materials with our environment playing a key rule. With a strong belief in building a quality capsule jewellery collection. ​
The aesthetics of my jewellery is perfect in the imperfections, modern but with an ancient, organic and almost raw twist, like it’s been hidden in the ground or lost at sea for years.